This time, you're not sitting out on the beach–you're under the water with the rest of the aquatic creatures. You found our list of virtual holiday party ideas. So how exactly do you throw an amazing virtual holiday party that's equal parts entertaining and filled with holiday spirit? Virtual party ideas used to be just virtual happy hour, but several months into quarantine, you may want new ideas to make your virtual parties, remote hangouts, and Zoom calls more interesting. Here, see smart, new virtual party ideas … This year has been downright odd and in addition to pretty much every other occasion in 2020, your holiday parties will not only be holly and jolly but also virtual. If you want something simple that's full of options, throw a space-themed party on your next Zoom call. StyleCaster 6 mins ago. It's comfortable, but it also makes us feel a little less than human after days of wearing elastic waistbands. 29. Q: How many people can attend a virtual holiday party? A seasonal twist on a classic game, either create your own holiday playlist or select a one from your preferred music platform. 1 of 12. Or allow yourself to be surprised by what people choose to wear. Virtual holiday parties are online celebrations usually held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts have become increasingly popular over the last few weeks because they allow you to get together with a bunch of … Well, technically home is the place to be. At this point, no one should be a stranger to Zoom. And while going out isn’t an option, that doesn't mean you can't still throw the best holiday party that will have your friends talking until next season. Santa is going to need something to nibble on. Decide on a menu with … Get ready to throw the virtual bash of the year. Extra points if you only use items … This is a great laid back party theme. It's the closest you'll get to seeing your pals in person for a little while, so you might as well take advantage of it. Meeting at bars and restaurants amid the new … Here's a game that I'm sure we're all happy has been flipped for the holidays. By Juliana LaBianca If you want to kick your virtual hangout up a notch, you need to plan a themed call. 16Th Birthday; 1st Birthday Party; 70th Birthday Party… We've all been there... or not. You can capture that whimsy and fun of a costume party over Zoom. Click HERE for five fiction books about viruses to read while social distancing. As we head into the colder months, COVID-19 cases are rising and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended we stay home for the most wonderful time of the year. If you have party attendees that aren't keen on booze, there are plenty of delicious holiday cocktails sans the alcohol. While we're all stuck inside due to social distancing guidelines, Zoom is the new go-to spot for all your virtual hangouts. Don a comfy robe, throw your hair up in a towel and put on your best face mask. Sweet Treats; Circus; Construction; Dance And Ballerina; Dinosaurs; Dress up; Down On The Farm; Fireman; Garden Girl; Hippie; Horses; Jungle Animals; Karate; Ladybug; Monkey; Mustache Madness; Outer Space; Party Pups; Pirate Party; Princess; Rocker Girl Party; Tea for YOU! While “social distancing” has become a household term this year, there’s been plenty of creative ideas floating around the internet on how to throw the ultimate virtual bash. You and your friends can't go to a real spa, but you can bring the spa to you. Don't worry—after you're done, you can slide back into your favorite pair of sweatpants. It's the perfect opportunity to practice a little self-care while spending time with your BFFs. The next step in planning your child’s virtual birthday party is finding a theme. Last night my friends threw a PowerPoint party on Zoom where everyone had to prepare a 3 minute lecture; the theme was “quarantine & slowly going insane” I went 6 minutes over time, … Virtual holiday party ideas are specific activities, games and themes … Kind of makes you think twice about kissing under it. Pick a theme. I know I have a weekly Wednesday chat with my sister and two of my best friends, and we decided to make it a themed/dress-up party … A: Around 300 people can attend a virtual holiday party … Make an hour-long Zoom call interesting by having everyone take a shot of beer every minute. This video chat service allows you to hang with dozens of friends at one time. Party classics like charades, Pictionary and bingo are easily transferable to a video call. Have you ever had to wrap a Christmas gift in wrapping paper that wasn't Christmas themed? You can go low-key or rage all night. You … For your next Zoom call, dress up as your favorite Disney character. Unlike going out to see your friends, chatting the night away while taking care of your skin is totally acceptable in the age of quarantine. At this point, we're all living in our favorite pair of sweats or pajamas. When in doubt, you can always rely on Disney. Like regular musical chairs except this time instead of moving your bums, you'll be moving your mouth. One person cranks up the holiday tunes and everyone sings along. Prop your laptop or tablet up in a safe place and deck your halls while chatting away with your friends. A: Make a Zoom happy hour fun and memorable by selecting a theme or game to give your event personality and also to focus everyone’s attention. You don't need a summer body when you can enjoy the beach from home. Whether you dress up like your fave '90s cartoon or don an outfit that has you looking exactly like Cher Horowitz, coming up with your ensemble for this Zoom party will be half the fun. Start your evening off right with some bright festive cocktails. A: Creative themes, one-of-a-kind ideas, and lots of personal touches will make a virtual holiday party unique. You might not be able to go outside, but that shouldn't stop you from donning your favorite swimsuit. Be sure to check out gift exchange platforms like Elfster, before your Zoom party so everyone has a friend to grab a gift for. Last, but certainly not least, plan an ocean-themed party for your next Zoom call. Costumes are the best way to bring your themed Zoom party to life. Come up with a theme. Here are Few Christmas Party Ideas That You Can Plan During COVID 1. Read full article. I-Spy: Virtual Christmas Edition The best Zoom party ideas By Tyler Lacoma May 9, 2020 If you can’t get together with your friends to have a party in person, you may be thinking of how to have a party online. The twist? This post explains how to host an art … Zoom Party Theme Ideas Not seeing your friends is tough and I'm sure many of us have resorted to Zoom dates and parties to get us through!